Why Andi

Application Development teams struggle with complex data access and analysis challenges that decrease productivity - Andi is here to help.

Andi was designed from the ground up as a high performance data access and analysis tool that empowers users of all skill levels to quickly extract, access, and analyze data (without needing to write complex SQL). The innovative design eliminates common database issues like contention and resource contention, and also makes Andi extremely fast - allowing for millions of rows to be retrieved in just seconds. The robust feature set includes integrated scripting for automation of tasks, and the ability to explore complex data relationships with a simple mouse click.

Andi 6 adds the ability to quickly sort, filter and then visualize your data using Charts, Pivot Charts and Pivot Model. Version 6.0 includes Bar, Line and Pie charts with Scatter, XYLine, XYArea and more coming in release 6.1. Of course charts are available in the integrated scripting framework.

Andi’s unique and user friendly design make it a powerful choice for modern Application Development teams looking to increase productivity, aid Agile development processes, and help solve more complex data analytics and troubleshooting challenges.

Andi Benefits

Andi was created to empower users of all skill levels to extract, access, and analyze data without needing to write complex SQL. Productivity tags allow for saving and sharing commonly used SQL statements, and “point and click” tools allow inexperienced users to quickly start accessing data. Technical users will appreciate the host of advanced features available.

Empower your Organization

Non-technical staff can interactively explore complex data relationships without ever writing SQL, opening up the power of data analysis across the organization. Reduce the risk of lengthy and complex SQL returning inaccurate data, refocus your resources, and make better informed decisions for your business with full insight into your data.

Explore Complex Data Relationships

The Innovative design of Andi eliminates database contention and resource taxation, and unique sorting and filtering tools allow for quick data analysis. Retrieve millions of rows of data in seconds without freezing or crashing.

Built for Efficiency & Speed

The Andi XML Viewer formats and highlights XML into an easily searchable document. Intuitive searching tools allow all skill levels to quickly locate and update data directly to the database.

Interact with Complex Data Types

Database contention and resource taxation are problems of the past with Andi’s unique toolset and design. Access production data with minimal impact, while saving time and critical resources.

Production Safe

Apply business logic to your data (without the complexity) by using Andi's integrated scripting. Hundreds of ready to use examples, scripting extension references, and links to online tutorials are available to increase scripting knowledge for every skill level. Andi's integrated scripting hides the complexity of accessing the database, spreadsheets, files etc. and makes it a powerful tool for the entire organization.


Andi runs on Windows, Unix, & Mac OSX. Easily connect and analyze data across multiple databases.

Multi-Platform and Multi-Database

Andi seamlessly integrates with Hadoop using a Hive driver.

Big Data

What our users say

  • "I use Andi every day for both large and small projects, working with billions of records across hundreds of connections. It helps keep me organized and quickly connects me to the data I need to get my job done. It is a must have tool for any serious MIS professional."

    Dan Guinn - Managing Director - Oncore Consulting

  • "Andi Professional Plus software is an intuitive tool that streamlines database development and analysis work increasing our teams productivity. Andi is easy to configure and includes an interface that aligns with the work that needs to be done allowing the user to get to the key information they need to get their job done. I especially like the performance of the application and how easy is to work with XML. After using Andi I cannot imagine going back to the DB2 control center tools."

    Eric Millard - Managing Director - Oncore Consulting

  • "As a developer, I use Andi to find/create test data, perform data analysis in multiple databases, and research production data issues. Andi's intuitive GUI allows me to easily browse schemas, view table structures including indexes and keys (both primary and foreign), and analyze large volumes of data quickly without locking tables. Andi is also a forward thinking product with its implementation of XML column viewing, support of XPath querying, and providing the ability to extend your queries with tags. Andi is a must have tool for anyone looking to increase their database productivity."

    Bryan Maguire - Senior Developer - CGI

  • "Andi is everything I have been looking for from a database tool. The ease of use and speedy performance greatly aids me in my day to day activities. Andi is loaded with intuitive features such as the ability to easily update and manipulate columns storing XML. Once you start using Andi, you will never go back."

    Kevin Babcock - Manager - Oncore Consulting

  • "I love Andi's clean design, best of breed performance, and protection against pitfalls like locked tables or uncommitted queries. It is my go-to tool for database development, data analysis, and production support. Highly recommended."

    Michael Hannaford - Owner - Hannaford Solutions LLC

  • "As a Database Administrator specializing in performance, I often need to analyze a lot of data in a hurry. Andi is a great tool for quickly constructing ad hoc queries and running them without the locking issues inherent in other tools. And, query results come back faster with Andi because of the streamlined data retrieval. There is no question Andi has helped me be more productive on a daily basis."

    Dave Dunham - Performance and tuning DBA - Dunham GBR Group

  • "Andi is a fast and reliable product that helped me to be more productive. Instead of having features that are seldom used, many features on Andi are developer focused so you can work faster."

    Won Lee - Application Developer - Oncore Consulting

About Us

Andi was created by a large scale application developer who desired to improve his own productivity, enhance the work lives of other teams around him, and ultimately to help people and businesses succeed.

Small Business (Big Value)

We are a small (but mighty) company delivering a high value, proven solution to complex data challenges that organizations face.

Dedicated Partner

We invest in dedicated staff to drive the growth and stability of the company. These passionate resources partner with your organization to ensure your success, and provide a contact for product suggestions, product training, and long term support.


Andi is an innovative solution that is responding to a data-driven world facing new challenges for managing and using data to drive critical business decisions. We are disrupting outdated tools with a revolutionary solution that changes the way complex Relational and Big Data challenges are overcome.

We Give Back

Most importantly, we believe that life should be about more than work. By investing in people and communities in need we give back monetarily and through our time.

Our Services

The Andi team is dedicated to supporting your organization.


On-site and virtual training options are available to best fit your organization. From Andi basics to advanced scripting features, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Solutions

Andi’s features are customer driven, and we are always looking for feedback and product suggestions with new ideas. These steer the direction of new features and future releases.

Help Center

Collaborate and learn with the Andi user community, articles, videos, and tutorials.

Product Support

Have a question or problem that needs to be addressed? Create a support ticket and one of our help desk representatives will assist you.

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