Why Andi

Andi is a revolutionary, next generation database productivity tool that changes the way complex Relational and Big Data challenges are overcome. Get started in minutes - with no SQL or database experience required.

  • Simple to Use
  • Business users can easily traverse data without SQL knowledge
  • High Performance
  • Queries execute in a fraction of the time they would take with other tools
  • Safe for Production
  • Queries do not affect the stability of your production environment
  • Power-User Friendly
  • Technical staff can use a host of advanced features
  • Lightning Fast Data Retrieval
  • Andi can retrieve millions of rows in seconds, where other tools freeze or crash
  • Intuitive Data Access Features
  • Andi allows users to view, search, and manipulate XML data via a unique XML viewer
  • Unrivaled Automation
  • Andi automates repetitive tasks with Groovy scripting
  • Unparalleled Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Andi runs on Windows, Unix, & Mac OS X

Andi Productivity

Lightning Fast

Retrieve millions of rows of data in seconds.

XML Viewer

Makes viewing, updating, and analyzing XML documents a breeze.

Productivity Tags

Transform and categorize your saved SQL statements, making them easy to find and reuse.

View Organizer

Easily traverse through a web of related tables, without ever writing a SQL statement.

Andi pricing


  • Proprietary SQL Query engine
  • Advanced SQL Tag Language
  • Multi-column sorting
  • Result set data filtering
  • Organize common SQL statements
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Professional +

  • Embed Variables in SQL
  • View Organizer
  • XML Editor
  • XML XPath Query
  • XML XSLT Transformation
  • Integrated Groovy Scripting
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What our users say

  • "I use Andi every day for both large and small projects, working with billions of records across hundreds of connections. It helps keep me organized and quickly connects me to the data I need to get my job done. It is a must have tool for any serious MIS professional."

    Dan Guinn - Managing Director - Oncore Consulting

  • "Andi Professional Plus software is an intuitive tool that streamlines database development and analysis work increasing our teams productivity. Andi is easy to configure and includes an interface that aligns with the work that needs to be done allowing the user to get to the key information they need to get their job done. I especially like the performance of the application and how easy is to work with XML. After using Andi I cannot imagine going back to the DB2 control center tools."

    Eric Millard - Managing Director - Oncore Consulting

  • "As a developer, I use Andi to find/create test data, perform data analysis in multiple databases, and research production data issues. Andi's intuitive GUI allows me to easily browse schemas, view table structures including indexes and keys (both primary and foreign), and analyze large volumes of data quickly without locking tables. Andi is also a forward thinking product with its implementation of XML column viewing, support of XPath querying, and providing the ability to extend your queries with tags. Andi is a must have tool for anyone looking to increase their database productivity."

    Bryan Maguire - Senior Developer - CGI

  • "Andi is everything I have been looking for from a database tool. The ease of use and speedy performance greatly aids me in my day to day activities. Andi is loaded with intuitive features such as the ability to easily update and manipulate columns storing XML. Once you start using Andi, you will never go back."

    Kevin Babcock - Manager - Oncore Consulting

  • "I love Andi's clean design, best of breed performance, and protection against pitfalls like locked tables or uncommitted queries. It is my go-to tool for database development, data analysis, and production support. Highly recommended."

    Michael Hannaford - Owner - Hannaford Solutions LLC

  • "As a Database Administrator specializing in performance, I often need to analyze a lot of data in a hurry. Andi is a great tool for quickly constructing ad hoc queries and running them without the locking issues inherent in other tools. And, query results come back faster with Andi because of the streamlined data retrieval. There is no question Andi has helped me be more productive on a daily basis."

    Dave Dunham - Performance and tuning DBA - Dunham GBR Group

  • "Andi is a fast and reliable product that helped me to be more productive. Instead of having features that are seldom used, many features on Andi are developer focused so you can work faster."

    Won Lee - Application Developer - Oncore Consulting

About Us

Andi is a revolutionary database productivity tool designed specifically to help increase your team's effectiveness while maximizing the project's bottom line…but that is just the beginning.

Who we are

Our team has over 30 years worth of IT experience, from technical architecture development specializing in large scale JEE projects, to custom application development.

Our mission

From the first interaction with Andi to the final line of SQL in a project, we go to any length to ensure your project needs are met so you can spend less time worrying about the tools and more time reaching your goals.

What we do

We make your life easier by ensuring that your project is streamlined with the most advanced database productivity tool available.

We Give Back

Life is more than work…that is why AndiWare was founded on the premise of utilizing it’s resources to enable us to give back to our community when ever the opportunities arise.

Our Team

You know what Andi does...this is the team that makes it happen.

Kerry O'Brien

President and Chief Architect

Aubrey Kirch

Director of Sales and Customer Success

Adam O'Brien

Marketing Consultant

Ashley Stuart

System Test Consultant

Our Services

AndiWare products are designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. Keeping true to that principle, our services solutions are just as intuitive as the software it supports.


Enable the best fit for your organization with on-site and virtual training options. From Andi basics to advanced XML features, we've got you covered.

Custom Solutions

Our development team is able to customize Andi to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your project.

Help Center

A portal to Andi's user community that includes articles, tutorials, and a full user community.

Product Support

Have a question or problem that needs to be addressed? Create a support ticket and one of our help desk representatives will assist you.

Contact us

Do we have you thinking about how you can leverage Andi in a current or future project? Get all your questions answered here by reaching out to our team!

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